Chris & Cosey Remixed Death in Vegas so We Got Death in Vegas to Pick Their Favourite Chris & Cosey Records

Ever wanted to know what Sasha Grey's favourite Coil remix is? Now you know!
August 23, 2016, 10:45am

Death in Vegas' Richard Fearless has been a longterm fan of everyone's favourite experimental electronica duo Chris & Cosey. So has writer and artist Sasha Grey. So Sasha Grey and Richard Fearless teamed up for a new C&C/Throbbing Gristle inspired album that came out a few months back. Transmission, released on Drone, is an EBM-inspired romp through the darker edges of the sleazier clubs in the nightlife spectrum, and it's an absolute must for anyone with any kind of interest in, well, Chris & Cosey.


Chris & Cosey then did the honourable thing and decided to remix one of Death in Vegas' tracks. The result is this blisteringly globular, delightfully dark take on "Consequences of Love" which we're incredibly proud to be bringing to you lucky listeners right here. We're also letting you listen to the stargazingly-cosmic original too, because we're nice like that.

"After listening to the stems we could sense a kind of "October Love Song' vibe in there so—so that's kind of what we aimed for," Chris Carter told us. "We really enjoyed doing it, there was lots of dancing around the studio while we worked on it."

Check out the original and the remix below.

If that wasn't enough, we dropped Richard and Sasha a line and asked them put together a list of their ten favourite Chris & Cosey records. What follows is a brilliant snapshot of a pair of musicians who continue to innovate and enervate nearly 40 years on from being labeled the wreckers of civilization.

1. CTI - Future Shock

2. Chris & Cosey - Synaesthesia

3. Chris & Cosey - Walking Through Heaven

4. Chris & Cosey - Shivers

5. Carter Tutti - Acid Tongue

6. Chris & Cosey - Put Yourself in Los Angeles

7. Chris & Cosey - Lost Bliss (Carter Tutti remix)

8. Chris & Cosey – Deep Velvet

9. Chris & Cosey - Neverneverland

10. Chris & Cosey - Cowboys in Bangkok 1995 (Coil vs. Elph Mix)

Chris & Cosey's "Consequences of Love" remix arrives on August 26th. Pre-order it here.

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