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RKDA’s "Frontline" is a Bad Dream You Won't Want to Wake From

Watch the exclusive premiere of their new video and you’ll see what we mean.

RKDA have been on our radar for a little while now. They released "Spaces" last year, introducing us to their eerie, electronic sound – the kind that sends tingles up your spine when reverberating through the bass like it does. This year, the Melbourne three-piece have been busy polishing their debut EP CS, which somehow, the trio managed to write and produce while based in three separate countries—talk about making it work long distance.


Recently, they gave us a little taste-tester by dropping "Quartz," which indicated that the group's first, four-track EP would be an intoxicating arrangement of some very ambient yet somewhat icy sounds. Soon after they dropped second track 'Frontline", which is accompanied by a perfectly chilling video you won't want to peel your eyeballs away from.

"Frontline" explores the stuff we know RKDA for best, like their dark, electro-charged production and melancholic vocals. But broken up by softer, synthy interludes, the track contains moments of delicateness; moments emphasised by the white-washed landscape of ghostly boulders, waterfalls and earthy scrub the video is set against.

Visually, it's a chilling narrative. But aesthetically and musically, it works so well. The natural elements of the video—like gushing water and falling snow—reinforce the tempo of the track, which whirls its way in and around your head like a bad dream you don't want to woke from. Both the track and film are ethereal, evocative and leave you wanting more.

So listen to and watch "Frontline" simultaneously. The result? Complete sensory bliss.

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