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Chef's Night Out: Han Dynasty

Han Chiang of the Han Dynasty restaurant empire takes us out for spice, spice, and more spice in Philadelphia, from sizzling hot wings to scorching barbacoa.

When we met Han Chiang—owner of the Han Dynasty restaurant empire—at a shoot in Philly a few years ago, we knew he would eventually need to have his own episode of Chef's Night Out. Well, we finally got around to it—and Han absolutely delivers.

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After heading out of his University City location a few beers deep, our first stop is the home of world-famous mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar. At his place, we enjoy a barbacoa feast cooked by Han's friends Ben Miller and Cristina Martinez. who run a weekend taco cart in South Philly. The next stop is Amis, where Executive Chef Brad Spence has prepared a whole roasted suckling pig. Brad lets Han have the honor of chopping the head off, and then they dice up some pork to top a pizza fresh out of the oven.

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Then, it's off to Prime Stache in Old City for some wings and whiskey shots with Philadelphia Eagles starting center Jason Kelce. Finally, Han stumbles across the street to his Old City location to whip up more wings, and we enjoy a special hotpot with his staff.

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