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Go Listen to Nine Inch Nails and Put Some Mayo on Your Greens

Make like Angela Dimayuga, the executive chef of Mission Chinese Food, and get on a psychedelic level when it comes to dressing your baby bok choy.
Photo by Angela Dimayuga

Last week, we gave MUNCHIES readers insight into the mind and process of Mission Chinese Food's executive chef Angela Dimayuga and her epic dish, Josefina's House Special Chicken. A centerpiece-worthy creation of a whole roasted chicken stuffed with chorizo-spiced sausage and soft-boiled eggs, it's derived from her Filipino grandmother's top-secret recipe. And it's a thing of beauty, no doubt.

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But Angela's granny is notoriously tight-lipped about the specifics of her masterpiece (and understandably), meaning that replicating it at home won't exactly be a piece of cake.

Thankfully, Angela's magical culinary talent isn't just in her chicken—it's in all of her food. So why not make your night a little better by making like the chef herself and whipping up some charred Chinese greens with shaved pickled beet egg, chili-pickled long beans, and a drizzle of seaweed mayo?

MAKE IT: Charred Yu Choy with Sauce Gribiche

In addition to being really fucking pretty, this dish combines a wide variety of influences, from the French (yep, that's a sauce gribiche) to Trent Reznor. (Apparently, back-to-back psychedelic experiences at Nine Inch Nails and Philip Glass shows were what inspired the unique flavor profile.)

"During the Philip Glass show," Angela told us back in September, "I had this idea for using Sicilian olive oil, seasoned greens, and really nice baby bok choy—little ones that are two inches big, which are awesome because they're watery and juicy—or baby Chinese broccoli. I'd throw them in the wood-fired oven with a little bit of salt, and get a char on there, and then do an aioli kind of thing."

So put on The Downward Spiral or Glassworks and get weird on some greens tonight. Then check back in tomorrow morning for a new How-To video with Angela, where she'll show us how to make the Koji Fried Chicken so good, it was named New York's best fried chicken.