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Female Cyborg Illustrations Illuminate with Acid Colors

Artist Nick Giasullo explores feminism in a cybernetic post-gender world.
Images courtesy of the artist

Pop art and acid-washed colors cyber-psychedelia in the works of Californian artist Nick Giasullo, who creates furious post-cyberpunk characters wearing futuristic uniforms.

His works focus on technology and feminism, exploring the effects that machinery has on the body. Since his childhood, Giasullo was influenced by Heavy Metal Magazine, which featured stories that combined science fiction, horror, and erotica with dimension-bending Moebius-esque fantasy worlds, and the Ghost in the Shell-styled transgressive ideologies. “These days I’m getting pretty hands on, drawing and painting things I’ve been wanting to do since I was a kid, which is pretty rewarding in itself,” Giasullo tells The Creators Project.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 17.57.41.png

The choice of drawing women is also not spontaneous. Motivated by the strength and hardships of his family, in particular the women in his life, Giasullo says that reflection has helped to better understand the larger societal struggles people have to face. “These social and internal struggles are pretty big motivators,” Giasullo says, “I tend to get up most days and do something creative, especially with the way the world is right now.”

In order to translate his dystopian vision into the visual symbolism, Giasullo works in Daz3D. Once he creates his models and compositions, he pulls the files into Photoshop to do line detailing, coloring, and post-image work. By going back and forth between hand drawing and computer editing, he takes as much advantage of technology—the entire spectrum of it—as he can.

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See more of Nick Giasullo’s work here.


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