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This Illustrator Is Making a Sci-Fi Drawing Every Single Day for a Year

Join Daniel Isles, a.k.a., DirtyRobot, talks about his 365-day drawing journey.
Images courtesy the artist

Much like Beeple's decade long everydays series, Japanese illustrator and comic artist Daniel Isles, better known as DirtyRobot, is creating a new drawing every single day for an entire year. Isles started the 365 days of drawing project back in July of last year and has since then produced an eclectic body of work that combines elements of steampunk, futurism, and manga. His work feels like a cross between the intricate cyber-psychedelic works of Californian artist Nick Giasullo, and the hypebeast-inspired demon hunters in Argentina-based visual artist Mau Lencinas's illustrations.


Now on his 313th day of the project, Isles says that his drawings were much more random when he first started. "I was feeling my way through each day," Isles tells Creators. His preliminary drawings were based on concepts from his personal life as well as things he had loved growing up like music, cartoons, kung fu movies, fashion, and of course, robots. "With the abundance of inspiration within each genre, I'd mix it all up in one giant melting pot with the outcome being the final images you see daily."

As time went by, some of his characters began making more than one appearance. Without realizing it, Isles says, it was if an entire world was slowly being created, growing and becoming more and more refined with each new drawing. Isles says he hopes to develop this world even further as a comic or animation once the project is complete.

Check out more works from the project below:

Check out the rest of the 365 days of drawing project on Daniel Isles's website.


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