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Sheer Mag Keep Doing Their Glorious Dad-Rock Thing on "Just Can't Get Enough"

Their long-awaited debut album 'Need to Feel Your Love' is out July 14.

Classic rock is a genre where simple, effective songs about being horny and partying are packaged in ridiculously sick album art featuring guitar UFOs and vintage cars. Also: riffs. Philadelphia's Sheer Mag have been committed to the art of rocking out in this manner for years through their numbered EPs while also ferociously addressing social issues. At long last, they're going to release a long-playing album—the official classic rock format—this summer bearing the extremely FM radio title Need to Feel Your Love. They've also been gracious enough to share the first single "Just Can't Get Enough."


If you're down with the Sheer Mag M.O. (and what kind of sadsack are you if you aren't?) this tune will satisfy whatever riff cravings you've been experiencing. Also, the audio-only video sufficiently replicates the feeling of being a 70s teen and staring at luxurious vinyl sleeves while your favourite guitar hero lays down the solos. Long live rock. Listen to "Just Can't Get Enough" above.