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LCD Soundsystem Were Irresistible on SNL Last Night

"Call The Police" and "American Dream" were histrionic, absurd, and ecstatic. Just as they should be.

LCD Soundsystem put some color back into the beards of their greying, now-married fanbase last week, releasing their first new songs (save for one Christmas cut) since their tuxedoed farewell in 2011. "Call the Police" and "American Dream" came across as updates for the faithful: lengthy, histrionic, self-aware. They both had something of "All My Friends" to them, right down to James Murphy's yearning for better days.


Last night, they took the tracks to Saturday Night Live, hosted by the maybe-genetically-engineered handsome man Chris Pine. Played live, both tracks came across with more force and charm than they did on first listen. "Call The Police" was first, Murphy finding some ecstasy in his wry cultural criticism, mentions of "triggered kids and fakers and some questionable views." "Call The Police" is a ballad mourning lost youth which should really sound trite, but gets away with every second of itself, particularly at a tighter four-minute run-time on TV. The twinkling prettiness of the synths and xylophones falls into the semi-absurd doo-wop "she-bangs" from the band, Murphy again losing his mind a little: eyes shut, square mic over his mouth, lit in blue.

It's all very difficult to resist. Watch both performances below.

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