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Watch a Clip of JME and Corbyn Talking Politics

i-D got the pair together for brunch in a north London cafe.

This weekend, Jeremy Corbyn and JME met up in a Holloway cafe to talk politics, ahead of June's general election. When they were done, JME tweeted about his meeting with the Labour leader, saying, "I met @jeremycorbyn today, and explained why bare of us don't vote."

Luckily, a camera crew from i-D was there to capture that conversation, which you watch right here:

After their meeting JME tweeted: "Remember, don't just vote for someone in recommendation. Do your own research. But make sure you register."

He makes a very good point. If you don't register and you don't vote, then you have no input into who runs the UK for the next few years, which may become frustrating when you start to realise you really don't like whoever ends up in power. Plus, it's not like it's hard: registering to vote takes about five minutes, i.e. not long at all, and you don't even have to speak to anybody. You just have to click here and fill in the bits it asks for.

So do that, and then stay tuned to watch the full Corbyn x JME video on i-D tomorrow.