The Best Food Moments from This Week's Episode of 'Fuck, That's Delicious'


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The Best Food Moments from This Week's Episode of 'Fuck, That's Delicious'

Let's revisit some of the best meals from this week's FTD, from fried chicken in Amsterdam to delectable barbecue in London to classic bodega deli sandwiches in East New York.

It seems like just yesterday that VICELAND launched, but we're already deep into the brand new season of Fuck, That's Delicious.

Tonight's episode—which you can watch at 10 PM on SKY Channel 153 and Now TV—may well be the most diverse episode of food television ever produced. With hyper-local, meat-centric dining in the UK, deli sandwiches in East New York, and Thai food in Amsterdam, FTD proves it is in a league of its own.


Here's what our host Action Bronson and his comrades scarf down on in this week's journey.



Pitt Cue Co.

Action swings by Pitt Cue Co. to pay "mad scientist" and "beef freak" Tom Adams a visit. Action dines with Meyhem Lauren and Lee Tiernan, and Tom serves them ham brined for seven days, beef, homemade bread made with treacle rye and drippings from the smoker, beef ribs, and caramel chicken (which you can get the recipe for, right here on MUNCHIES).


"Think of that hard coating on a candy apple on a tender beef rib," Action says of the ribs. "I have never fucking tasted anything like that in my life."

The secret to Tom's incredible meat? "Jedi pig whispering," in his words. Tom raises his own Mangalitsa pigs and sources the beef and chicken from a farmer next door to his farm. Check out the Chef's Night Out episode with Pitt Cue Co. for more on this master of meat.


Cook Daily

Meat quota filled, Action visits Cook Daily, a vegan restaurant operated out of a repurposed shipping container. He orders a vegan chicken bowl from Chef King.


"I can't stop eating meat," Action grumbles. "I tried, but then last night I relapsed hard at Pitt Cue. I had to call my sponsor and everything."

Just because he can't give up meat doesn't mean Action can't get down with some well-made plant-based fare.

New York

Moe's Hemlock Deli


While Action and Meyhem Lauren eat their way around London, Big Body Bes is stuck at home in New York, unable to enter the UK due to some … past legal troubles. But that's cool—he decides to host a block party in East New York, where there's plenty of fun to be had. And if you're going to celebrate your neighbourhood, you've got to give love to your local deli.


Body goes nuts for the turkey hero sandwiches at Moe's Hemlock Deli. And let it be known: Body prefers his sandwiches made with no gloves on—screw a health code.


From London, it's off to The Netherlands: home of legal weed, windmills, and a hell of a lot of good food. Action stands in the Amsterdam street in the rain and eats some Peking duck from a random Chinese take-out spot. In life, there are sometimes missteps. After one bite, Action says, "That might have turned me off to duck for a long time."


Favorite Chicken & Ribs

Reeling from the not-so-great Peking duck, Action heads to Favorite Chicken & Ribs for chicken strips, a spicy chicken sandwich, and chicken wings.

"Forget the franchisey shit like the KFCs—go to local fried chicken franchises," Action decrees.


Thaise Snackbar Bird

Next, Meyhem Lauren, Action, and Big Body Bes swing by a Thai restaurant and order vegetarian soup, spring rolls, curry, and noodles. This is far from the mediocre neighbourhood Thai place you get delivery from—it's flavour, flavour, and more flavour.


"Thai food is not only delicious, it's fun," marvels Action. "I'm so angry at myself for eating all that bullshit and not knowing where the fuck to go. This is the most delicious place I've been to in Amsterdam."

Don't sweat it, Mr. Wonderful. All's well that ends well.