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Donald Trump Is Being Trolled at Rallies for Ordering Well-Done Steak

This election is totally meating our expectations as one that will raise the steaks on America’s beef cookery for years to come. All we have to say is, "Make Steaks Med Rare Again."

Remember that time—way back in the fabric of chronos to three days ago—when real-estate mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump outed himself as a bona fide Number 6 after being caught ordering a well-done, ribeye steak at a restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire?

We sure as hell do and apparently, so does one seemingly infallible man who took the time to troll good ol' Donny T during a rally he held last night in South Carolina. The enigmatic inquisitor in question wants to let America know one simple truth:



That's right, during a speech given last night by the Republican presidential front-runner at Clemson University, a sunglasses-clad young man who was sitting behind the podium silently lambasted Trump and stole the show. To reinforce his point, the man held up a sign with the taunt, accusing Trump of having a predilection for overcooked steaks. He raised the banner at various points during Trump's speech.

For those of you who may not be aware, US Editor for the Daily Telegraph Ruth Sherlock shook the politi-sphere this week with a tweet in which she explained that she had encountered Trump and his family at a well-known steakhouse in Manchester and overheard Trump's heretical order of a well-done ribeye steak. His family also apparently ordered their salmon and chicken cooked well-done—but those guys have it hard enough just being around an anthropomorphic dusty blond wig 24/7, so we should probably cut them some slack.

#Trump came into the steak restaurant I was in. He ordered a well done rib-eye steak. Well done?!

— Ruth Sherlock (@Rsherlock) February 9, 2016

So just who is America's newfound beef vigilante, the dude with the sign? No one can say for certain, but numerous publications, including Business Insider, have reported that the man is likely to be Massachusetts native Zach Etkind. Etkind found viral fame for his "Donnie Does" YouTube channel, in which he pulls of various stunts like sneaking into the ring of a Manny Pacquiao fight.

Steaks are quickly proving to be a point of contention in Trump's presidential campaign. Hell, one anti-Trump Super PAC that was recently formed even went so far as to name themselves "PutASteakInTrump."

To be precise, this is far from the first time Trump has gotten serious flak for his steak choices. Trump was once the proud owner of a chain of steakhouses and a business that delivered steaks, eponymously named Trump Steaks. In addition to being endlessly lambasted for the "greasy and tasteless" steaks sold exclusively through Sharper Image, one of the steakhouse locations received over 51 health violations for poor hygiene practices, including month-old tins of caviar.

Fuck "Make America Great Again." This election is totally meating our expectations as one that will raise the steaks on America's beef cookery for years to come. All we have to say is: "Make Steaks Medium-Rare Again."