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Someone Figured Out How Much Pizza Millennials Order Each Month

It’s not pretty.
Phoebe Hurst
London, GB
Photo via Flickr user Michael Saechang

You might think the frequency with which you devour katsu chicken curry is a secret between you and the Deliveroo guy but here's the thing: the experts are onto your takeaway addiction. They know how often you stop by the shawarma place on the way home from work and what your go-to Thai order is. They've seen you snaffling 3 AM chicken nuggets.

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Well, almost. New research from Aviva in its Health Check UK report has revealed the extent to which Millennials (a.k.a. those aged roughly between 18 and 35, a.k.a. you and your UberEATS-pummelling friends) rely on takeaway food. As The Daily Telegraph reports, Aviva's study reveals that under-35s are ordering up to ten pizzas a month. That's five times as many as the over-55s.

The research didn't confirm whether a Two-For-Tuesday counted as one pizza order or two.

Aviva also found that almost one in ten adults eat at least one takeaway or fast food meal every day, with pizza being the most popular dish.

Millennials' dependence on takeaway food should come as little surprise, really. Previous studies on the generation's dining habits have found them to be cereal-obsessed, sparkling wine-chugging, convenience food-eaters with little idea of how to break an egg.

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Commenting on this Millennial "takeaway generation," Dr Doug Wright of Aviva UK Health told The Telegraph: "Many of our favourite choices contain a high calorie count, and could mean we hit our salt, sugar, and fat allowances for the day, in just one meal. Good nutrition is a cornerstone of overall health and feelings of wellness, so these types of treats need to be regarded as just that—an occasional indulgence."

Exactly how occasional is occasional?