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Skronk Off Into the Sunset with Fashion Week's 'So Last Season'

Stream the NYC noise rock acolytes' new collection of rare and unreleased tracks featuring appearances by members of Unsane and Primitive Weapons

New York's Fashion Week is back! No, not the one you're probably thinking of—unless, of course, you're thinking of sludgy noise-rock-meets-doom-pop instead of mind-numbingly expensive scraps of fabric and sky-high stilettos. This Fashion Week has been peddling its wares since 2011, skronking merrily across their grimy outer boroughs stomping grounds and preparing to take their sweaty, manic live show on the road once more—this time, to Europe, where they'll proceed to aurally pummel the denizens of Germany, Romania, and more.


Before that, though, they've got a (kind of) new record to usher out into the world.  So Last Season is a real grab bag of new, old, and rare tracks from a band that's never seemed much concerned with sitting still or sticking to a static lineup—keep an ear out for a molten vocal appearance from Primitive Weapons' David Castillo. The album pulls together a live tracks, covers (of Helmet's "I Know" and  Unsane's "Only Pain," the latter of which features Unsane drummer Vinny Signorelli ), a non-album B-side entitled "Rich Hallister," a remastered version of the original Fashion Week demo, and two EPs recorded prior to the band's 2015's full-length album, Prêt-à-Porter. The band will also release a seven-inch vinyl version of the demo via their Bandcamp page.

Try before you buy with our full stream below—the album drops digitally on March 2, and CDs will be available from InDebth Recordings come March 21.

Fashion Week European tour dates:

3/2 – Hamburg, Germany @ Astra Stube Musikkultur e.V
3/3-Malmo, Sweden @ RETO
3/4-Aalborg, Denmark @ 1000Fryd
3/5-Berlin, German y @ Adrien's Studio
3/7-Katowice, Poland @ Katofonia Jazz & Blues Club
3/8-Wroclaw, Poland @ Carpe Diem
3/9-Liberec, Czech Republic @ Azyl Pivini Bar
3/10-Budapest, Hungary @ Supersonic
3/11-Cluj-Napoca, Romania @ La Teva
3/12-Bucharest, Romania @ The Underworld
3/14-Timisoara, Romania @ Manufactura Handmade Café
3/16-Novi Sad, Serbia @ Suburbia
3/17-Ljubljana, Slovena @ Koncertna Dvorana Rog
3/18-Bologna, Italy @ Freakout Club
3/19-Munich, Germany @ Sunny Red

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