‘Fight Club’ and Bret Easton Ellis Meet in a Dystopian Animation

A video by Josh Shaffner takes a trip back in time when the artist was a waiter in LA.
April 30, 2017, 11:40am
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The scary first days of moving to a new city on your own can be a paralyzing and isolating experience, Josh Shaffner understands the implications of trying out a new home to only be disappointed and caught in a cycle of sufferingin his animated video titled, Service. Within the space of five minutes, the animator takes a wrenching and darkly relevant story about trying to survive within LA, from trying to make it as an entertainer and feeling crushed by the pressures of urban existence. The animator and masters graduate of CalArts pieces together the deterioration of one's self-confidence by showcasing one-man stand-up shows to incorporating the "formulas" required for love and friendship.


Take a look at a few sequences from the darkly intelligent short below, and then watch the entire animation:

View more work from Josh Shaffner on his Vimeo page, here, and his website, here.


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