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[Premiere] Projection Mapping Pasty Bodies in Sun Drug's "Wildman" Video

"Wildman" was literally "inspired by The Creators Project," so you know it's good.
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Here at The Creators Project, we're stoked about being stoked about creativity. So when an email with a subject line stating "inspired by The Creators Project" comes in, you better believe we're going to open it. Today's submission comes in the form of Brian Randall and Taylor Brown's co-directed and edited music video for "Wildman," from LA band Sun Drug (off their June 26th-released The Sun Drug EP), which we're proud to premiere right now.


While attending school for computer science, director Brian Randall stumbled upon generative art through our website. Working with the band (Randall also directed Sun Drug's Kinect and DSLR-mapped "Easy In Your Attitude" music video), he decided to add projection mapping generative visuals into the mix, and did so using visuals created in Quartz Composer, purchasing a $40 Arduino board for the open-sourced hardware, and creating new software in Max for Live (using Ableton) to sequence and control the data sent into VDMX, which was used for the projections themselves.

The last thing Randall needed was a surface to project on, and thankfully, Sun Drug's Steven Wilkin was willing to get into the "Wildman" persona. Caked up in a white paste made of flour and water—enough that Wilkin nearly had to shave his entire body following the shoot—Wilkin's body sets the video. Says the band, “It was wild…man.”

Watch "Wildman" below and check out more from Sun Drug on Instagram, Facebook, and on their website.

Behind-the-scenes images courtesy of the artists

The Sun Drug EP is out on June 26.


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