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Anatomical GIFs Show the Internet Tearing Us Apart

A gruesome metaphor for life online emerges in Jon Jacobsen and Daniel Ramos Obregón's GIFs.
Images courtesy the artist

A tattooed underwear model is slowly ripped apart from the inside in Ínsula, a collaborative GIF set between Chilean artist Jon Jacobsen and Colombian fashion artist Daniel Ramos Obregón.

Jacobsen tells The Creators Project that Ramos Obregón's photos evoke, "the transformation of one body affected by it’s inner projections," a.k.a. the conflicting avatars that occupy our social media-driven lives. Jacobsen then illustrated the photos and turned them into GIFs, a medium he calls, "a contemporary way of communicating with people, getting close to the exchange of intimacy and the emotional aspects to written words through technologies.”


Ramos Obregón and Jacobsen, found their subject, dancer José Tomás Torres, on Facebook, and did all their collaboration on Ínsula over social media, bringing the GIF set's message about online persona in full circle.

Ínsula was presented at Quartier Général Centre d’art Contemporain in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland earlier this year as part of the programming for the exhibit Monsieur L’ordinateur where Jacobsen also showed his 2014 artwork, The Present.

See more of Jon Jacobsen, Daniel Ramos Obregón, and José Tomás Torres' works on their websites.


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