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Life and Death Are Equal Arts at a New Group Exhibition

Sculptors, illustrators, and painters alike reflect on our mortality in 'Flesh & Bone' at the beinArt gallery.
Sam Yong, The Tell-Tale Heart, acrylic on wood panel, 35 x 45 cm (13.8"x17.7"). Images courtesy beinArt gallery

The many group exhibitions hosted at beinArt gallery are known for bringing together a particularly varied and materially diverse artworksFlesh & Bone exhibition, their latest collection of ink drawings, wire sculptures, and watercolor paintings, is a testament to that reputation. The show features a macabre display of works that celebrate the biology of life and death. Jonathan Guthmann’s etchings on Hahnemühle paper feature neo-Gothic, almost folkloric illustrations of a human skeleton that’s been explicitly identified as ‘death.’ Erik Thor Sandberg includes a similar skeletal figure in one of his Italian Renaissance themed oil paintings.


Gerard Geer, Rapture, assorted animal bones, garnet & smokey quartz crystals, wire, acacia wood base and glass dome, 14 x 27cm (5.5”x10.6”)

Kit King, Eat A Dick, oil on gallery panel, 20.3 x 25.4cm (8”x10")

But the works in Flesh & Bone aren't exclusive to the homo sapien, either. Sam Yong’s The Tell-Tale Heart shows a vivid and crisply painted crow nibbling out the inside of a dead rabbit. From a combination of animal bones, garnet and smokey quartz crystals, artist Gerard Greer creates skeletal sculptures of infernal creatures that look like they’re straight out of Guillermo del Toro films. Greer’s work bears visual similarities to Jake Hempson's 3D-printed sculptures of bones taken from the supernatural and grotesque. Perhaps one of the more transgressive works in the show is Kit King's oil painting of a skewered hot dog that’s been carved to look like a penis. Jonathan Payne's fleshlette sculptures are bizarre surrealist characters put together from deformed body parts made out of polymer clay, acrylics, and human hair. Check out some more of our favorites from the show below:

Jonathan Payne, Jacqueline, Fleshlette sculpture, polymer clay, acrylics and human hair. 16 x 17 x 18 cm (6.3”x6.7”x7.1”)

Lauren Marx, New Home, ballpoint pen, watercolor, pencils, ink, pencils, graphite, colored pencil and gel pen on paper, 22.9 x 30.5cm (9”x12")

Rodrigo Cifuentes, The Colours of Hell, oil on panel, 20 x 30cm (7.9”x11.8")

Adipocere, Anatomical Venus, hand embroidery on natural linen, cotton thread, 26 x 36 cm (10.2”x14.2”)

Courtney Brims, Pester, colored pencil on Arches smooth watercolor paper, 21 x 31 cm (8.3”x12.2")

Erik Thor Sandberg, Put Away, oil on panel, 22.9 x 30.5cm (9”x12")

For more information about the show, head over to the beinArt website.


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