Artist Stages Nude Performances in Iceland’s Stunning Landscape

November C.Y. Wong bears it all in the wilderness.
December 17, 2016, 12:30pm
Images courtesy of November C.Y. Wong and Chih Yu Wong

Iceland’s melodramatic scenery frames the graceful, naked form of artist November C.Y. Wong in a new photo series titled Hér. To shoot the scenes, Wong and photographer Chih Yu Wong journeyed through the country’s isolated wilderness in the search for “empty horizons, unfamiliar distance, and living texture.” Wong, who is a painter and dancer as well as a performance artist, used the stunning vistas they discovered to create what she describes as “large scale paintings.” With her body acting as a bare brush, Wong paints an original and organic relationship between herself and nature—with the only thing occasionally coming between her body and the rough terrain being a pair of loud, bi-color tights.

Below, get down to earth with November C.Y Wong’s au naturale images:


For more of November C.Y. Wong and Chih Yu Wong’s work, check out their respective Instagrams, here and here.


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