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Sext Daniel Radcliffe’s Corpse in a New ‘Swiss Army Man’ Feature [Premiere]

Have a chat with Manny by texting ‘FEELINGS’ to 25827.
Images courtesy Swiss Army Man & A24

What's a dead guy want to know about sex? Quite a bit, actually, and the new Tumblr and text chat line from Swiss Army Man, which both premiere today on The Creators Project, prove just that. To help build hype for Daniels' new film, indie studio A24 has been employing a series of innovative promotion platforms like mini-arcade games and the #MannyWatch tour. Now, Manny sexts. makes its debut, featuring users' responses to the corpse played by Daniel Radcliffe's questions about sex.


The text messaging bot, which is reminiscent of Smarterchild, allows people to initiate conversations with Manny by sending ‘FEELINGS’ to 25827. Manny drives the conversation with a string of humorous existential prompts like: "Do you ever think about how there are so many dead people?" Or, "What is sex like?" Manny sexts. then selects responses and anonymously posts them to its thread.

The page launched with responses to Manny’s intercourse inquiry, "What is sex like?" Here are some of our favorite responses:

There's a lot to be learned from a dead man, apparently. I myself had a short conversation with Manny, and what he taught me was in less than 160 characters was nothing short of profound.

Swiss Army Man is out now in New York and LA, and opens nationwide on July 1. Check out our conversation with Daniels, the film’s directorial duo, and be sure to check out the Manny Sexts. website before you, too, inevitably depart this mortal coil.


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