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The World's Soon-To-Be Tallest Rollercoaster Marks A Design Revolution In Thrill-Rides

"The Skyscraper," set to open in 2016, will be 570-feet-tall—higher than the Washington Monument.
June 11, 2014, 4:15pm

Move over, Kingda Ka! The city of Orlando is set to reshape its skyline through the development of what's sure to be a new institution, the Skyplex, a 570' tall entertainment complex, replete with the world's tallest roller coaster. The mega-attraction is known ominously as The Skyscraper, but this revolutionary design is a new style of thrill ride called a Polercoaster—a vertical ride that has the same length of track (plus your classic loops and twists), but it takes up less physical space. The Skyscraper is setto break ground in 2015, and open in 2016 and the re-oriented roller coaster boasts a three-minute ride time, speeds of up to 65mph, and a height higher than the Washington Monument.


Check out Attractions Magazine's incredible video blueprint below:

In a June 5 press announcement, Florida-based restauranteurs David and Joshua Wallack announced that the forthcoming, 55-storey Skyplex will encompass a mixed-use entertainment complex, a 1,500 car parking garage, an observation deck 535 feet high, and a glass elevator ride to the top. Sound like the future of coaster-based entertainment? Says Bill Kitchen, designer of the Polercoaster, and founder of US Thrill Rides, "Not only will the ‘Skyscraper’ coaster be the world’s tallest, we believe it will be the most thrilling. There will be incredible heart-pounding inside and outside loops, dives, spirals and inversions like the world has never seen."

Below, architectural renderings of the thinly-diametered structure that seeks to be Central Florida's tallest:

To learn more about the Polercoaster's revolutionary design, visit its webpage on designers US Thrill Rides' site. Just don't forget to buckle your safety harness. h/t Designboom


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