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Iceland's Breathtaking Landscapes Belong in Another Galaxy

Take a tour of the frozen wonderland in Michael Fletcher's bare-bones short film, 'ICELAND.'
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"Spolier Alert…No Northern Lights, celestial timelapses or overt cheesy sunsets feature in this production," filmmaker Michael Fletcher states in the description of his bare-bones, no frills short film, ICELAND. We've seen the country's majestic beauty through timelapses, drones, and even interactive books, but Fletcher's expert eye for composition sets this one apart.

Continues Fletcher, the footage was captured on a 2013 trip to Iceland. It's taken 19 months to make so far (the full film is still unfinished and awaiting a soundtrack from Jo Quail), but not having a sweeping orchestral arrangement has us dialed-in on the soothing sonic vistas of wind and waterfalls. Watch the film above and check out Fletcher's extensive body of HD nature footage created with his twin brother, Christian, here.



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