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Invisible Glow-in-the-Dark Spray Paint Could Save Your Life

Volvo's 'Life Paint' is a luminous spray-on paint that reflects cars' headlights at night and is invisible during the day.
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Cyclists, rejoice! A new product called Life Paint is a glow-in-the-dark spray paint you can use to become more visible when driving on busy roads at night. In the UK alone there are 19,000 accidents a year involving cyclists—the new product, created by Volvo, is aimed directly at making them feel safer. The luminous paint is invisible during the day but in the dark shows up when cars' headlights reflect off it.


Life paint can be sprayed directly onto your bike or clothing, lasts for up to a week, and can be easily washed off. In the video below, the product's designer, Anders Wellving, explains, "When you apply it to a surface, the reflective particles will stick together with a special adhesive," turning cyclists into futuristic-looking ghosts in the process.

London's busy and Medieval streets aren't the safest place for cyclists, so Life Paint is an innovative way to create high-visibility. The product is only available in the UK at the moment, but stay tuned to Volvo for updates.


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