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The By-Women-For-Women Head Shop Burning Weed Bro Culture Down

Sweetflag is a woman-founded online store that features beautifully crafted products by female designers that meets all your smoking needs.
May 15, 2016, 12:45pm
Marbled Clay Pipe Midi. All images courtesy of Sweetflag

Easily the worst thing about weed culture is how bro-y it can be. In her awesome piece on the limited role of women in weed culture, Ann Friedman describes passing a California billboard reading "HOT KUSH GIRL CONTEST,” which, really, says it all. But if you’re looking for lady-friendly smoking accoutrements that feature products for women designed with more in mind than "pink it and shrink it,” look no further than just-launched online store Sweetflag. It’s a carefully curated head shop founded by women and featuring products made by female artisans.


"There are lots of women who smoke, and whose tastes are being sidelined,” the ladies of Sweetflag tells The Creators Project. "The shopping experience before we created Sweetflag was bro-y, intimidating, glass-y, and definitely without aesthetic. We wanted to showcase some of the beautiful pipes and boxes and accessories that are coming to the market, and work with some of our favorite designers and artists to fill the void with beautiful things that are treasured instead of embarrassing."

Zig Zag Burner by Elizabeth Atterbury

For anyone who’s ever been leered at by a creepy dude in a head shop, this store’s for you. Sweetflag divides its products among three stages of the smoking experience: before (candles, incense, stashes, flasks), during (some seriously pretty pipes) and after, (everything from eye masks and quilts to air purifiers and a copper head massager). "We're really just trying to provide an alternative to what's out there and I think it appeals to everyone who is sensitive to how a thing feels in hand, what texture it is, the effect it has on the senses,” write the Sweetflag ladies. "We are not making any rules about 'for women, not for men,' and in fact are pretty over binary gender… But our approach is feminine and I think that comes through."

Fish Oil Necklace by Eckhaus Latta

Sardine Tin

Ankh Clip by High Society Collection X Sweetflag

To check out Sweetflag’s stash, click here.


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