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Follow Danny Brown, DTCHPLNES, and 3D Skeletons into Detroit [Music Video]

“WRATH” takes you on a hyperreal tour of Detroit's post-industrial underbelly.
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The vices and virtues of downtown Detroit just got a 3D-digital makeover to accompany DTCHPLNES and Danny Brown’s new video for “WRATH.” The video, directed by Bryan A. LeBeuf, takes the viewer through several post-industrial landscapes inspired by both the director and Danny Brown’s hometown of Detroit, and through an imagined Japan.

“WRATH” plays out like a videogame, inviting viewers to move through its levels in first-person. In one instant, the viewer is a red blood cell travelling through a skull, and the next, moving through an abandoned trap house. LeBeuf tells The Creators Project, “These images are shattered ideals inviting the viewer to share in their discomfort, while playing with notions of nostalgia.” All the while, Danny Brown’s unmistakable yawp rings over DTCHPLNES’ hallucinatory beat. Check out “WRATH” below.


Grab DTCHPLNES' album, Technoir, on iTunes, out now via DTCHPLNES Records.


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