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Origami-Inspired Lamp Lets You Play with Light

The "Folding Lamp" is interior design meets arts & crafts.
All images courtesy of the designer

Folding Lamp is interior design meets arts and crafts; it's practicality you can play with. Inspired by the ever-changing art of origami, the lamp allows you to create a wide range of DIY light designs. You simply bend the lamp’s pre-scored stainless steel panels along the design’s dotted lines and voilá: a different design each time. The lamp also comes in six shades of steel, from matte black to red chili, and the designer, Thomas Hick, even gives the option to order a Creator’s Kit which provides users a chance to paint their own colors upon the Folding Lamp’s several sides. Finally, this lovely little light, measuring 10”x12”x14”, houses an adjustable LED, complete with dimmer.  These fun features have led to both a Kickstarter Staff Pick (within the first ten days of the launch) and a fully funded campaign (with 29 days still to go). Take a look below to see for yourself why Hick’s design has already captured the hearts—and funds—of many.


Learn more about Folding Lamp on the website and the Kickstarter page.


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