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Deepdreamed Cronenberg Is the Cronenberg of Deepdreaming

As if the director's 'Personal On-Demand' project wasn't horrifying enough already...
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In 2013, the world was baffled, enthralled, disturbed, and mesmerized by David Cronenberg’s satirical pitch for "POD." POD, or, Personal On-Demand, is a fictional organ users could surgically insert to “merge body and mind,” with the promise of essentially making your wildest dreams come true.

This year, the world was once again feeling a cocktail of emotions from Google’s psychedelic art generator, Deep Dream. Deep Dream takes your selfie, trippy clips from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, or what have you, and puts it through an image classification software that regenerates your input as a pattern of kaleidoscopic dogs, roaches, and noses. Those now-familiar images have saturated our Facebook and Twitter feeds since the Google algorithm that produces it went public in early July, but Vimeo user denial of service has fed the software the kind of video it was seemingly meant for, and for that, we are grateful. Watch this fresh dose of nightmare fuel below:



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