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Thousands of LED Lights Transformed this Underpass Into a Rainbow Light Tunnel

Bill FitzGibbons' LightRails turns a dark, dank space into vibrant light art.
Photos by REV Birmingham, Hal Yaeger and Bill FitzGibbons

This article was originally published on August 5, 2013 but we think it still rocks!

No one likes to walk through an underpass late at night on their own, much less one that's fallen into disrepair. You've probably seen way too many horror movies for it to be a comfortable experience. But artist Bill FitzGibbons found a solution, by transformimg the dark, uninviting environment of the 18th Street underpass in Birmingham, Alabama into a rainbow-lit tunnel in his installation LightRails.


The tunnel's Art Deco design was lit up with a network of thousands of LEDs which were hooked up to a computerized system so the artist could program from a range of 16 million different options, varying speed and color to create different moods.

The installation's color and patterns augment the lines of the Art Deco arches, while also providing pedestrians and cyclists with an inviting glow for them to navigate between two major areas of the city.

[via Inhabitat]


To learn more about the artist click here.


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