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The Best Latin American Artists Working Today Get a Group Show

'Los Diez' honors the top ten illustrators and photographers exploring the culture and history of Latin America.
Peter Bauza, ‘Copacabana Palace,’ May 2016, Brazil. Images courstey the Musuem of Latin American Art

A group exhibition at the Museum of Latin American Art honors ten illustrators and ten photographers as the best Latin American artists working today. An international jury of creatives selected this collection of photographs and illustrations from a competition hosted by the American Illustration and American Photography (AI-AP) organization. Together the artworks in the Los Diez: Selections from Latin American Fotografia and Illustration show represent a creative exploration of the cultural history and social landscape of Latin America.


The series of photographs compose a unqiue portrait of the lives of everyday Latin AmericansJustin Negard’s Mano A Mano captures an underground lucha libre event held in an abandoned gymnasium in Bogota. Peter Bauza photographs Brazil’s largely unseen homeless communities in an effort to shed light on the country’s multibillion dollar spending spree on global events like the most recent summer olympics. Masked Zayacos of Ajijic takes a look at a mostly unknown yearly carnival celebration in Mexico. The one featured photograph by Kim Badawi is part of a larger series entitled, Os Mascarados, which looks at the effects of wearing a mask today in South America.

Victor Beuren, Art Director: Michael Charles, ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ February 2016, Brazil

Monarch butterfly over West Virginia is an illustration by Peter Kuper, taken from one of his graphic novels entitled Ruins, which follows the migration of the Monarch butterflies and a couple having a sabbatical year in Oaxaca, Mexico. Alejo Porras’s Refugee Crisis illustration imagines fish turned into torpedoes aimed at a man drowning in the water having gone overboard. The poster was made with the hopes of motivating people and organizations to get involved with helping those trying to escape the horrors of war. Check out some more of our favorites below:

Dane Strom, ‘Masked Zayacos of Ajijic, Mexico,’ February 2015, USA/Mexico

Kim Badawi, From the Os Mascarados series, French Egyptian/Brazil

Sebastian Castañeda, ‘The Invisible Threat,’ June 2015, Peru/Cuba

Justin Negard, ‘Mano A Mano,’ August 2015, USA / Colombia

Patricia Ackerman, ‘She doesn´t sleep,’ February 2016, Argentina

Learn more about the exhibition head over to MOLAA’s website.


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