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Inside The Geometric Mind Of A "Cubic Obsessive" Designer

GMunk gives us a map to his cubic world.

When we interviewed Bradley G. Munkowitz (aka GMunk or Munko) about his work on Oblivion, he told us, “I love grids. I live for grids.” Next, he transformed a flat canvas into an evolving box using robots and 3D projection mapping for Bot&Dolly's project, Box, and we got the hint that maybe GMunk is also into cubes. He confirmed our suspicions with a recent blog post entitled “Cubics Obsessive,” detailing three of his recent projects that all employ Cubic Matrices.


For Boston exhibition From Paper to Pixels, designers and programmers were paired together to create new media pieces. GMunk collaborated with Steff Kelsey (aka The Code Viking) to create a cubic continuum that can be explored using a game controller interface. They called it “a customizable and individual experience to immerse one into the fractal forms of space.” Let’s just say M.C. Escher would be proud.

GMunk also announced commissioned artwork for VINE’s New York office, for which he generated a set of “cubic cities.”

Then for musician Matthew Wilcock, he designed a retro-graphic cathedral in which a piece of golden geometry appears to float.

GMunk promises more refined projects using the techniques applied above. Any amalgamation of Oblivion touch screens and cubic matrices sounds inevitably epic to us. And since GMunk also links to the mathematical Menger sponge in his end remarks, maybe we can also look forward to a cubic upgrade for Mr. Squarepants.

See more of the designer's work at his website, and re-visit GMunk's past collaborative effort, Box, which continues to blow our minds every time we watch.