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Enter a Cavern of Concentric Circles in ROIL

Artist Christine Sciulli explores geometry by projecting expanding and contracting concentric circles on a cloud of tulle netting.
Image by Etienne Frossard, courtesy of Smack Mellon

The world around us is a space of various geometries—of symmetries and asymmetries alike. The artist Christine Sciulli, whose primary medium is projected light, is interested in such geometries of life, but also in creating public interventions that invite passersby to “become the makers,” as she says.

Sciulli’s latest work is ROIL, a solo show featuring a large immersive piece in the raw industrial main gallery at Brooklyn non-profit art institution, Smack Mellon. Visitors are invited to walk “through, around, and within” ROIL to experience it.


“It is ethereal but in essence purely geometry—8-channel HD projections of expanding and contracting circles into a site-specific installation of 2,000 yards of tulle, 35' high by 55' long by 28' wide,” Sciulli explains. “The videos are made in Apple Motion and are made, not auto-generated—circles expand, contract, overlap, overlay, pop in, fade out, get dense and fall away,” she says. “I laid a structure of mason’s cord throughout the gallery to slice the space from bottom to top and front to back, attaching to columns via ratchet straps and these amazing triangular D rings. Up high at 35' we strapped to water mains. I used the 2,000 yards of white tulle and about 2,700 safety pins to gather and form the network.”

Check out ROIL in action in the images and video documentation below:

Image by Tycho Burwell, courtesy of Smack Mellon

Courtesy of the artist

ROIL runs through February 21 at Smack Mellon. Click here to check out more of Christine Sciulli’s work.


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