Juicy J Is Judging Our Zine-Making Competition

The GOAT, Academy Award-winner, and Three 6 Mafia co-founder himself is helping us decide the winning zine, to be published and inserted within the pages of VICE Magazine's September Issue.
August 13, 2016, 12:05am
Photo: Orli Arias, courtesy the artist

You've spent the past couple weeks using Zean.it, and this Monday it's time to let your DIY zine creations see the light. Not just any light, though: the particular gold gleam of a rap god's grill. Alongside VICE Photo Editor Elizabeth Renstrom and The Creators Project Editor-in-Chief, Marina Garcia-Vasquez, The Creators Project is buzzin' to announce the final special guest judge of The Offensive, our DIY Zine-Making Competition: Juicy J.

While other kids were out playing stickball, or whatever it is kids did back in the day, the young Jordan Michael Houston was holed up in Memphis reading books on the music business—six or seven at a time—on everything from publishing to royalties and the rest. Fast-forward to today, and other kids aren't Juicy J, multi-hyphenate music mogul who, amongst being the de facto elder statesman of Southern hip-hop, a founding member of Three 6 Mafia, and an Academy Award-winner, is without a doubt one of the most innovative artists and impresarios of the past 25 years. Now, Juicy J is gearing up to release his highly anticipated sophomore solo album, Rubba Band Business: The Album, with the massive lead single "No English," featuring Travis Scott, and he's also going to help us pick our winner.


Whether he's writing the book on how entertainers should use social media, or literally introducing #TurnUp culture to an entire generation of young people, Juicy J's a culture-maker of the highest order. So, when we approached him to be the guest judge of our zine-making competition, it was the perfect fit: "As an artist who has always tried to push the envelope, I am beyond excited to work with The Creators Project / VICE on judging the work of other artists and zine enthusiasts," Juicy J explains. "Zine culture has been very influential on hip-hop and style over the years, so I am fortunate to work on this rewarding project."

His statements echo those of The Creators Project's Marina Garcia-Vasquez, who, back in July, explained, "The digital zine-making competition is a fun opportunity for The Creators Project to support young artists by encouraging unbridled creativity and giving it editorial attention." Good things happen when great minds get together, and you better believe the September Issue of VICE Magazine is going to contain the collector's-item zine of champions.

The contest ends on August 15, so get your zines in ASAP.

To recap:

1) Download Zean.it (it's totally free)

2) Create and upload your finest zine

3) Caption your zine #TCPOffensive in the "Description" section

And, bright and early Monday morning, Juicy J, Renstrom, and Garcia-Vasquez will let the judging begin.

Good luck.

Click here to download Zean.it, and here to view the official contest rules.


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