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Art History Is Buzzing, Thanks to the Hitachi Magic Wand

No wonder Mona Lisa was smiling.

The article below contains adult content and may be NSFW.

The real secret behind Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile and Danaë's transcendent bliss? 6,000 vibrations per minute and an easily accessible power source—at least, according to warped art history blog, The Hitachi Magic Wand Throughout History. Through an enlightening application of image editing, the blogger behind the young Tumblr, started in May of this year with Grant Wood's American Hitachi, inserts the device into rechristened masterpieces.


On the surface, the blog proffers a handful of NSFW laughs. Upon closer inspection, however, the selected pieces appear to nod to dominant themes in Renaissance art. Artists' fascination with the (mystery of) female sexuality is eminent, as the most suggestive of these composites, understandably, feature women in positions of self-pleasure. In others, the superimposed vibrator interestingly highlights undertones of gender politics. Unwilling to let the ladies have all the fun, art history's favored men commandeer the Hitachi. In Napoleon Crossing the Alps with Magic Wand, for instance, observe Jacques-Louis David's muse summitting on his stead, arm and silicone-tipped scepter raised triumphantly to the sky. Below, analyze and enjoy the alternative art history of a bedroom's best friend.

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