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Hyperrealism Thrives at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Joel Rea's solo exhibition, 'Beasts of Arcadia,' and 'Brotherhood,' a new group exhibition curated by Yasha Young, come to the New York mainstay.
Outside the Box by Wes21

New York's Jonathan LeVine Gallery just opened two absolutely monumental new shows: a group exhibition curated by Yasha Young entitled Brotherhood, and Australian painter Joel Rea's solo exhibition, Beasts of Arcadia.

Brotherhood show gets its name from a Pre-Raphaelite faction of young men started in the mid-19th century with the intention of reforming the art establishment by rejecting the then-contemporary mannerist approach. The "Brotherhood" operated under the belief that academia only corrupted an artist, whose personal responsibility it was to determine the ideas and methods they use in their work, “hoping to revert back to the abundant detail, intense colors, and complex compositions of early Renaissance art,” as written in the show's press release. These are the core principles that Young outlines for the works of Anders Gjennestad, Andreas Englund, David Walker, DOTDOTDOT, Ernest Zacharevic, Evoca1, Icy and Sot, James Bullough, Li-Hill, M-City, Nick Walker, Onur, Shepard Fairey, Tankpetrol, and Wes21.


Home Sweet Home by Onur

Says Young, “The truth is, not much has changed when it comes to critics and institutions accepting new ideas. We are still caught within rigid frameworks and the need to justify ‘good’ art with the presence of an art school education overshadows the strength and talent of many contemporary artists.”

Hammer and Cheese - DOTDOTDOT

Young is hopeful that this show will present an opportunity to combat the status quo and provide a breath of hope for radical change: “Change can happen by showing work amongst peers, supporting each other’s work and extending the creative exchange far beyond intellectual or geographical borders.”

The Promised Land by Joel Rea