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It's Art: Wall Mount for Vintage Furby Collection

The Creators Project looks at Brad Troemel's 'Wall Mount For Vintage Furby Collections (Mint Condition) #2, 2015.'
Photos by The Creators Project

Every now and then, The Creators Project comes across an artwork that surprises and delights us every bit as much as it confuses us and otherwise has us begging for answers. This is art that defies conventions, challenges sensibilities, and breaks down barriers between comprehension and critique. You might like it—you might not "get it." But we do. Take a deep breath and remember, it's art!

90's nostalgia meets extreme sports in Brad Troemel's Wall Mount For Vintage Furby Collections (Mint Condition) #2, 2015. The artist, who previously made art with ant farms, is currently the focus of an ongoing solo exhibition at Zach Feuer.


Wall Mount For Vintage Furby Collections (Mint Condition) #2, 2015 went on display at The Armory Show, and is constructed out of acrylic handholds on a gessoed panel inside an aluminum frame. See it in full below:


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