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Coconut Lamps Cover Your Walls in Shadow Art

Move over, disco balls.
Images courtesy the artist

By drilling thousands of holes into coconuts, Lithuanian artist Vainius Kubilius is turning living rooms into majestic and wondrous spaces. Illuminated by light bulbs, his designs project beautiful mosaic patterns on to surrounding walls in the form of shadows. "Every hole is one breath taken, because I have to blow away the coconut dust from drilling a hole," he says on his website.

The lamp’s stand is built with metal wires covered in cork and suede that twist and contort like vines climbing up a wall for sunlight. “I started to learn how to create lighting that would give people feelings, not just provide light," he continues. "I’d love to think that my lamps are some sort of aphrodisiac that will create more passion in people’s lives.”


After graduating, Kubilius began software engineering, a skill he says has influenced the artwork he now makes. He tells The Creators Project, “Studying programming created a huge desire for making beauty which was previously faded. So I gathered plenty of motivation to make these lamps real. It also gave me a huge appreciation and love for clean patterns and abstract forms.” The result is reminiscent of Anila Quayyum Agha's award-winning laser-cut shadow cube, but, perhaps, with a more tropical vibe.

Check out more of Vainius Kubilius' designs on his website.

Via My Modern Met


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