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Ordinary Bat Touches Greatness, if Only for One Night

A-Rod vigorously dried off his bat between his legs last night.

We don't always know when our time comes, we can only hope to be ready if it does come. And so it was for this black Louisville Slugger C271 Prime Ash bat when it was time for a brush with destiny. C271 was called upon by the Great Alex Rodriguez and it never flinched. Oh, A-Rod tested it, and tested it, but its resolve was as strong as the grains of wood composing it.

Perhaps it was a preliminary test for the bat. In a primetime game where the Yankees hoped to avoid a sweep at the hands of their bitter rivals, perhaps A-Rod was coaxing C271 into action, singing a siren song for his brother in arms. The bat was startled at first, no doubt, resulting in a fielder's choice that saw Jacoby Ellsbury get thrown out at home. But C271 was ready for the long, hard night in Beantown. After coming up short in the first, C271 scorched a no-doubt home run to the deepest part of the ball park and then followed it up with a double in nearly the identical spot. With C271 warmed and primed, A-Rod was a one man wrecking crew. But he is only one man, and the Yankees lost 8-7.

It's unlikely that a bat from an otherwise unremarkable May game will ever wind up in the Hall of Fame, but some might argue it's already been there.