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J.A. Happ Doesn't Understand Canada's Bagged Milk Situation

You aren't alone, Happ
You Canadians drink milk out of bags? Seriously? Photo by Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Our milk is presented a little differently up here in Canada. We don't buy milk in jugs (at least in certain parts of the country like Ontario) but rather cartons and, gulp, in plastic bags.

Listen, I've never been crazy about the bagged milk presentation, but this is what we grew up on. It is what it is. Three separate bags of milk are sold together (in a larger bag), and it totals four litres. You put the bag in a milk container or pitcher, whatever you want to call it, cut a slit in the corner, and voila, you're ready to go.


It's not for everyone, and as we recently found out, it doesn't make sense to some. The whole bagged milk and stick it in a container system is something Toronto pitcher J.A. Happ, who's in his second stint with the Blue Jays, can't comprehend. To be fair to Happ, he isn't the only American who doesn't get this.

In an interview with Sportsnet's Kristina Rutherford, Happ was a taught a lesson on how Canadians drink milk. Below is there back-and-forth conversation on bagged milk.

Is there anything you're still not used to in Canada?

I think I've gotten used to most of the stuff. Grocery shopping is a little different. I still don't understand the bagged milk situation here.


You guys sell milk in bags and I don't really get why, or what you do then with the bags. Other than that it seems like Canada's doing a pretty good job. [Laughs.] But I don't get the milk. Put it in a gallon jug so you don't have the sloppy, messy bag.

You know you put the bag in a milk jug, right?

Where's the jug? Do you have to buy the jug separately? Why are they not in the jug already?

Oh my gosh. You have to ask someone at the grocery store for help.

Why do I have to ask? I should just grab it from the counter and it should be ready for me to drink.

There's an assumption that you know to put the bag in a milk jug and cut it open.

[Laughs]. They can't assume that. I've never bought it because I see this bag of milk and I'm like I don't get what I can do with this thing.

J.A., I can't believe this.

[Laughs.] We need a memo sent out to all American players on how Canada dispenses its milk. Would you prefer to have a gallon of milk or a bag or milk? You can pick up a gallon and walk out of the store. Or you can try to figure out how to drink your bagged milk.

I think I have to bring you a milk jug.

That would be great.