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Odell Beckham, Jr. Turns on Afterburners for 67-Yard TD, Celebrates Like Ronaldo

Odell Beckham continues to dazzle, and has a little Ronaldo showmanship in him.

Odell Beckham, Jr. is more than just a pair of soft, incredibly strong hands; he's got some speed, too. On first-and-10 from his own 33, Eli Manning dropped back and found Beckham on a slant and Beckham did the rest of the work. As soon as he caught it, he kicked into another gear and blew past three Falcons defenders on his way to the end zone and had himself a Real celebration.

Once he got in, he seemed to pull a page out Cristiano Ronaldo's celebratory book. It's not surprising, he's previously compared himself to the World's Most Beautiful Man Who is Also A Soccer Magician. He spoke the Newark Star Ledger about his love of soccer and said he was a "Ronaldo-type" player when he played.