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Behold: Your First Ever Blocked Extra Point Return for Two Points

A first in the NFL: defense scores two points on a blocked extra point.

The Carolina Panthers scored a touchdown just inside the two-minute warning before halftime in New Orleans and looked to tie the game up at 14-14 with a routine point after attempt. Kevin Williams got his hands on the kick, however, and Stephone Anthony picked it up and took off for the other end of the field. He picked up two quick blocks from Kyle Wilson after the ball bounced to him and then he was gone, untouched. Sure, that's a long way to go for two points, but instead of a tie game, the Saints hold a three-point lead….



As Joe Buck mentioned on the broadcast, this is the first time this play has ever happened in the NFL. Before the season, NFL owners approved a new rule that moved the spot of the extra point attempt back to the 15-yard line and also allowed for the defense to get two points in the event the attempt is blocked and returned. So there you have it, the first time a team has scored two points in this specific, previously impossible, way.