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Alex Rodriguez No Longer Just the Mightiest Bat in Baseball, Now a Graceful Baserunner

Alex Rodriguez is out there grinding out at bats, busting his butt to score and help this team win.

Alex Rodriguez blasted his 20th home run of the season last night against the Orioles and he's back in the lineup this afternoon for Getaway Day before heading off for a series against Minnesota. The Yankees have wasted no time and pounced on Baltimore starter Ubaldo Jimenez in the first inning thanks to a bases-clearing double from Chase Headley. Jimenez gave up a single to Jacoby Ellsbury to start the game and then loaded the bases with walks to Brett Gardner and A-Rod.


With two outs, Headley drove in all three baserunners and A-Rod scored the third run of the inning, securing it with a gorgeous, textbook slide into home plate.

I love this man.