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Watch Lorde Be Perfect in Perfect Places in the Video for "Perfect Places"

The Grant Singer-directed video is the second visual off of 'Melodrama.'

Making good on the teaser video dropped earlier today, Lorde has released the full visual for single "Perfect Places," the closing track on her latest LP Melodrama. It's the singer's second video from the album, following "Green Light," and, much as its name suggests, features her cavorting around a number of pretty dang perfect places—tropical beaches, waterfalls, seaside lounges, fancy dinners—in various states of luxurious dress and undress, alone all the while.


It's expansive, lonely, intense—just the sort of aesthetic feast we've come to expect from Lorde's reflexive look at the clumsy growing pains of adulthood. Who else can pull off ugly-cry shouting "What the fuck are perfect places?" into the camera while still managing to look like a Vanity Fair cover shoot outtake?

Watch the Grant Singer-directed video for Lorde's "Perfect Places" below:

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