Watch the Video for EVA's "Touch Me," the Auto-Erotic Pop Anthem of the Year

Silks, carpet, and Irish dancers all feature in the video for the hit-in-waiting co-produced by Danny L Harle.

When it was released earlier this month, EVA's "Touch Me" immediately entered the pantheon of great songs about masturbation. Eva Tolkin has the sort of polyethylene-clear voice that most pop singers would kill for, something that conveys intimacy even when she's backed by hyper-synthetic thrums. Danny L Harle co-produced the song, so it was precisely that gloriously synthetic. And it was a shameless dance-pop track, something that the PC Music crowd figured out a long time ago. Unlike too many over-preened hype-seeking chart songs this summer, it had a proper chorus, and it was straightforward: "I just want to touch me / Dream about your body." Even Cyndi Lauper couldn't get to the point that quickly.


The video for "Touch Me," which we're premiering at the top of the page, is just as lavish. There's silk everywhere, carpeted floors, and (less easy to explain) the camera keeps cutting to stockinged Irish dancers. "The video came together with the help of my very generous and talented friends," Eva wrote in an email to Noisey. "The costumes were custom made by Kindall Almond. We aimed to incorporate the textures and fabrics found in a luxurious bedroom: frills, ruching, quilting and carpeting. The director, Keenan MacWilliam, and I decided that we needed to have Irish dancers for the final chorus while drunkenly dancing around to the song one evening. I tried learning some Irish dance steps for the video but quickly gave up."

Watch the video at the top of the page, and catch EVA on tour with Blood Orange this fall.

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