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Charlamagne Tha God Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations on His Podcast

The radio host shared a six-minute clip on his Brilliant Idiots podcast to clear up the allegations that he had sex with an incoherent woman.
Queens, US
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Earlier this month, Charlamagne Tha God came under fire for a 17 year old sexual assault case. Jessica Reid, the alleged victim, spawned a petition was formed to take The Breakfast Club host off the air. Following the new information, a 2015 clip from Charlamagne's podcast, Brilliant Idiots, resurfaced where he said he had sex with an incoherent woman. "She wasn't coherent, but she was up," said Charlamagne. "You know, when you're blacked out. She was really, really fucked up." Today, he issued a message via Brilliant Idiots to clear up his initial statement.


In the six-minute clip, Charlamagne is adamant that he misspoke when he recounted that night. "I didn't handle that conversation in the right way," he said. Apologizing to rape survivors who were triggered after the graphic details, he decided to retell what happened that night. According to Charlamagne, he and the woman both went to the sex store to buy Spanish Fly, a libido enhancer which they mixed with E&J. "Then we both passed out because we were both wasted, that's what I was attempting to convey…" The radio host denies any claims of wrongdoing, claiming this was consensual sex that stemmed from a night in 1997. This new statement isn't related to Jessica Reid's account of sexual assault against the radio host in 2001.

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