This is how Putin hides his family

Russian president Vladimir Putin has a family no one knows about, and that's on purpose. Here's the daughter he's been hiding from the press for decades.
The daughter that Putin doesn’t want you to know about

Russian president and world’s best dad Vladimir Putin will seemingly stop at nothing to hide the identities of his two daughters.

No official pictures of Putin’s kids exist, and for good reason: The subject of Putin’s family is considered dangerous for Russian journalists. Even when a media outlet gets someone to speak on the record, the subject often retracts his original statement.

Sometimes the consequences are more serious. In 2008, a Russian newspaper reported that Putin was divorcing his wife for an Olympic rhythmic gymnast. Within hours of publishing the story, the entire paper folded, citing financial and editorial differences.

Putin's tightly-guarded personal life gives us a window into just how much control Russia holds over its press.