Ron Gallo Thinks You're a Really Nice Guy and All

Check out the Philadelphian's latest video for "Really Nice Guys," from his upcoming EP of the same name.

Remember that time you decided to get really into woodwork, like, really into it, because one night while stoned you watched that video of the guy making an amazing woodcut with a chainsaw? You were struck by how beautiful it was, this machine made to destroy things being used to make something new, something that celebrates life. How could a person wield that weapon so beautifully, so delicately, as to make such a wonderful sculpture?


So the next morning when you woke up you headed straight for Home Depot and bought everything you figured you'd need—except they didn't have tree stumps or trunks, so you used some of those fire starter logs that aren't really logs, and you bought a lot and some wood glue, just in case—then went straight back home and started carving as may things as possible. You settled on flutes because you figured that would be fun and easy, you didn't know that hollowing out wood is the nightmare that it was. You gave all of your friends these flutes and you organized parties so everyone could play these flutes. You were getting really good at making these flutes, you took them everywhere, your friends had so many, it became like your thing. You were the flute guy!

But then people stopped showing up to your flute parties, and your friends didn't seem as happy when you presented them with your latest model of flute. One night, a friend invites you over. When you get there, you take off your shoes and you go to put your coat away in the hall closet. As you turn the knob, two things happen: Your friend starts yelling not to open that closet, and you hear a rumble. The door opens, and hundreds of flutes pour out of the hall closet like a tidal wave, knocking you down. Your friend runs to your side and helps you up as everything starts making sense. You look from the flutes to your friend for an answer. He looks you straight in the eyes, shrugs his shoulders, and says "we just didn't know how to tell you that your flutes suck, man. You're a really nice guy and you were so happy about them we didn't want to discourage you."

The video for "Really Nice Guys" is sort of like that, except with a skateboard instead of a flute, and it's technically a song about people in bands who are fine but are way better at not being a musician. "Really Nice Guys" is the latest single from Ron Gallo's upcoming EP of the same name. The whole EP is a sarcastic, literal response to people telling Gallo to write what he knows, but also pokes fun at Gallo himself. It follows Gallo's most recent release, HEAVY META, which was released earlier this year on New West Records.

When asked to provide a little background about the video for this, Gallo said: "The song is about bands that are better at being humans than making music. So the video, modeled after an early 2000's skateboarding video part, is me, to the best of my ability, being bad or at very best underwhelming at skating synced to the song."

Meta, man! Like Father John Misty with a skateboard.

Really Nice Guys is out January 19, 2018 via New West Records.