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The way Americans eat - The Business of Life (Season 1, Episode 8)

We find out why American's are obsessed with food, and how that effects us as consumers.

In the span of just a few generations, Americans have become obsessed with the way we eat. But while some of us are surrounded by farmers markets and Whole Foods outlets, some experts argue that a large percentage of the population has neither the money nor access to healthy food. Can organic foods, GMOs and greater access to fresh food, save us? For the answer, we turn to a panel of experts, featuring Frederick Kaufman, Danielle Nierenberg, and Katherine Mangu-Ward.

Welcome to Season 1 of “The Business of Life”: a fresh perspective on the most important issues of our time, as told through the facts, figures, dollars, and cents that shape our world. Hosted by journalist Michael C. Moynihan, each episode brings together an eclectic panel of writers, thinkers, policy experts, and scholars to break down everything you need to make sense of the most complicated topics of our time.