Wayne Rooney Caps Hat Trick With Screaming Half-Field Golazo

And the newly signed manager Sam Allardyce watched on from the crowd.
November 29, 2017, 10:13pm
Screenshot via NBC Sports

Wayne Rooney isn't a name you'd expect to be reading in headlines alongside the word "golazo" recently. The fabled days of old seemed all but over for the 32-year-old (predominantly) Manchester United legend. He went back to Everton for the first time in 13 years after seeing bench time in Jose Mourinho's Manchester United—mostly because he was looking like he was on the sharp decline. And then he went ahead and did this against West Ham:

It's an astonishing goal, really. Struck so pure, so straight, and so hard that Joe Hart never had a chance of getting back to his line in time. It's reminiscent of another half-field goal he had against West Ham in 2014. The goal capped Rooney's hat trick on the night, which also involved this funny, but quick-on-his-toes penalty recovery:

It's all kinds of fun to see him come into some kind of form. Though it has auspiciously landed on the day that corrupt, cheating, and disgraced England national team manager Sam Allardyce was confirmed to be Everton's new manager. Hey, whatever motivates you, Rooney.