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Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders and a reporter fight over fake news

The White House urged Americans to combat unverified news by viewing an unverified video circulating on the internet Tuesday.

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders slammed the media in the White House press briefing Tuesday afternoon after CNN retracted an inaccurate story on Russian ties to a White House aide. Moments later, she encouraged not just the press pool, but the entire country, to watch a video bouncing around the internet — even if it might not be accurate.


Asked why President Trump had renewed his attacks on CNN after they retracted the story, apologized, and had three of their employees resign, Sanders reacted strongly.

“If we make the slightest mistake, the slightest word is off, it is just an absolute tirade from a lot of people in this room, but news outlets get to go on day after day and cite unnamed sources, use stories without stories…” Sanders said. “I think it’s the constant barrage of fake news directed at this president, probably, that has garnered a lot of his frustration.”

Moments later, Sanders promoted the video, which was released by the deceitful nonprofit organization Project Veritas and allegedly shows hidden-cam footage of CNN producer John Bonifield criticizing CNN’s coverage of Trump.

“There’s a video circulating now, whether it’s accurate or not I don’t know, but I would encourage everyone in this room and frankly, everybody across the country, to take a look at it,” Sanders said, seemingly unfazed by the irony.