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Leather Jacuzzi Turn Up the Fast and Messy Punk Rock Jets

Watch the Canadian band's new video for “Gloved Hand Holding Caviar”.

Guantiafobia, the fear of latex gloves, is a slightly different phobia to Mittamatosis, the natural aversion to oven mitts. Those who suffer from either are best to avoid the latest video from Canadian punks Leather Jacuzzi.

“Gloved Hand Holding Caviar” features various gloved hands involved in random activities such as pouring milk, petting a cat, squeezing soap and smooshing bread. Though surprisingly I didn't notice any caviar, it will either turn you on or have you running into the street.


The scuzzy and buzzy track was first released on Slander, Lies and Soda, the Calgary band’s second cassette, and appears on an upcoming LP The Whole Hog, a compilation released on French label Danger.

The band, who feature members of Gawker and synth punks Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome, play a messy style of snotty rock that's been compared to Angry Samoans and early Red Kross. It's fast, it's hectic and it's very good.

Photo: Arif Ansari

We sent a few random questions to guitarist Craig Fahner to find out more.

Noisey: “Check My Piss” is about a procedure that involves checking for diabetes by tasting piss. Do you know how long ago they were doing this?

Craig Fahner: This is still how we check for diabetes. If you can think of a better, non-piss tasting way I'd like to hear it.

You are fans of the Angry Samoans. What about their much maligned 1986 album Yesterday Started Today?

I’ve never heard it. I’m honestly a way bigger Steely Dan fan. Aja is great but Gaucho is for the real Dan-heads.

Your new album is coming out on a French label. Have you been able to drop that in conversation much?

Yes. We are huge snobs about it and now we refuse to play any venues without a decent selection of Bordeaux and Côtes du Rhône.

What is the status of Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome?

We're trying to remember our Myspace password so we can delete the account.

'The Whole Hog' is available Jan 15 on Danger Records.