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Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, May 2019

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Virgo!
May 1, 2019, 1:00am

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The sun shines in fellow earth sign Taurus, illuminating an exciting sector of your chart and bringing you new opportunities. Travel is in store and your mind is expanding. This is a wonderful season for you if you're in school, and if you're trying to get something published, the sun in Taurus helps you move towards that goal. Astrologers call Taurus a stubborn sign, but this season is truly a dynamic time for you. But watch out for some turbulence: Mercury connects with Mercury on May 1 and then with Jupiter on May 2, helping you get deeply in touch with your thoughts and emotions. Also on May 1, Mercury clashes with Saturn and on May 2, it clashes with Pluto, which creates some pessimism and control issues in your love life or creative endeavors. Watch out for jealousy and possessive behavior. This isn't the best day to ask for a favor or plan a cute date, but a lot of amazing inner-work can be done for healing, moving through grief, or connecting with your family.

May 4 brings the new moon in Taurus, and a new cycle begins in your life. Emotionally and spiritually, this new moon is all about belief—what and who do you have faith in? Wherever you find your spiritual source, connect with it during this new moon. So many new doors are opening, but you're so early in the process that you might not see what's opening up for you just yet—don't be dismayed just because you don't know what's happening next! Make time to daydream about the future. New travels and mind-expanding experiences are on the way. Thrilling shifts take place as Mars opposes Jupiter on May 5—watch out for competitive behavior, but if you want something, this is a powerful time to make your move. You ruling planet Mercury enters Taurus on May 6, finding you in a philosophical mood and making long distance connections—just watch out for grumpy moods again as Venus clashes with Saturn on May 7, which could find people especially sensitive, picky, or simply not in the mood.


Your ruling planet Mercury meets brilliant Uranus and the sun connects with dreamy Neptune on May 8, bringing you a dash of romance and a sparkle of intrigue—a juicy, creative energy flows! Unexpected news arrives. Venus mingles with Jupiter and clashes with Pluto on May 9, bringing you luck and boosting the intensity in your intimate relationships. The sun connects with Saturn on May 11 and then with Pluto at May 13, helping you create more structure in your life to do the things you love. Saturn and Pluto are difficult planets to work with, but with the sun making a harmonious connection with them, you're able to to tap into their strength and power. Things are feeling intense in your love life, but Venus connects with Mars on May 14, which keeps things moving, helping you and your partners engage and be creative.

Venus enters Taurus on May 15, bringing blessings to your love life and sending party invitations your way, and Mercury connects with Neptune, creating a dreamy atmosphere that's perfect for a heart-to-heart with someone special. Keep things light—Mercury's connection to Neptune is a sensitive one, and all the information you need will come to light as the full moon in Scorpio arrives in the next few days. Also on May 15, Mars enters Cancer, firing you up to get active in the issues you care about culturally, politically, and globally. This is also an especially exciting time for networking and meeting new friends. Mercury connects with Saturn on May 16, helping you get organized and lay down plans. Talking about difficult things sucks a little less when Mercury collaborates with Saturn.

Mercury connects with Pluto, Venus meets Uranus, and the full moon in Scorpio arrives on May 18, making for a super intense combination of celestial energies. Your ruling planet Mercury connects with Pluto, the planet of transformation, finding you having some paradigm-shifting conversations. You're all about the facts and details, Virgo, but sometimes your faith and inner knowledge reveal more to you than the numbers you lean on so much. Venus and Uranus meet, bringing thrills to your love life and exciting shifts in your creative projects. Unexpected fun comes your way, but you're also eager to break free and explore new places, people, and ideas—the "same old" isn't doing it for you. Full moons are often very emotional periods, and this one is no exception, but it will leave you understanding things more clearly, as an important conversation comes to a climax.

Gemini season begins May 21, finding the sun shining in the sector of your chart that rules your career, life in public, worldly success, and reputation. Mercury enters Gemini and meets the sun, also on May 21, so expect conversations to take place concerning these themes. This is a powerful time to network, plan meetings, and share ideas. People are eager to try something new, especially as Mars connects with with Uranus on May 22, which will also be exciting for your social life—and for travel, too, if you're abroad!

At the end of this month, things don't flow so clearly and quickly as they did at the start of Gemini season: Mercury clashes with Neptune on May 29, stirring up communication issues in your partnerships. Some of these miscommunications may stem from plain laziness, as Venus connects with Neptune and Mercury opposes Jupiter on May 30. But if you can get around that, there's actually a romantic, magical energy in the air that you can take advantage of by falling in love, being creative, and having a good time—just save important decisions and conversations for later. Support in creativity, relating, and exploring ideas comes as Venus connects with Saturn on May 31. This is a marvelous time for a grand gesture, but be smart about how mushy and sentimental you get, because Saturn is not into that. It's a complicated end to the month, where no one really knows what they're talking about, yet there is a lot of exciting, inspiring talk taking place, and people are in the mood to connect and create. Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in June!